Our spot is on a highland 1820 meters (6000 ft.) above the sea level, free from obstacles with plain areas and some gentle slopes. Vetan stands facing South, so it gets illuminated by the sun all day long, that makes it very nice to spend time outdoor. It is surrounded by higher alpine pastures that lead to Laysser mountain top at 2730 meters (9000 ft.).

The higher alpine pastures are accesible to the more experienced rider. Beginners and students will be using the base camp.

Obviously the size of the spot changes due to snow and wind conditions, and from the rider’s skills as well.

The base camp can be easily reached on foot. You can drive up to the hotel Notre-Maison and once there park your car in the hotel car park (which is free). The base camp is just 200 meters (600 ft.) away, walking up a little path.

Vetan-rosa dei venti-our spot-aosta-snowkiting centre

In our spot we can work very well with all the winds coming from the North. The more the wind blows from east, the nicer it will be and higher will be the chance to find the right wind for our porpuse.

A good news about snowkiting is that you don’t need so much wind as when kitesurfing, but a little breeze is enough to make you move!

The season starts from the first abundant snowfall, that usually occurs around late November, and ends mid-March. If at the base camp there is not enough snow, we will take you for a walk to a higher place to find more.

Vetan will be the SNOWKITING CENTRE home spot. We’ll try to run most of the lessons here, although sometimes due to the wind and weather conditions we might have to choose a different location.
To check wind, weather and snow conditions go on our WEATHER PAGE here!