The Snowkiting Centre is a young and new project promoted by the Asd (sport assosiacion) “K.S.C. KITE SPORTS CENTRE”.

The Snowkiting Centre idea was born in the summer 2014 from Gregorio Ceccoli, IKO Instructor Level 2 Senior (Intenational Kiteboarding Organization).

Gregorio became a kitesurf instructor and has been working and teaching all around the world for over 3 years. One day he went snowkiting in Vetan and fell in love with the spot.

Subsequently the 11/11/2014 he founded the “K.S.C. Kite Sports Centre” association with a group of friends sharing their passion for the outdoor sports.

The aim of the project is to spread, promote and teach every kiting sport making it achievable and affordable for everyone.

100% ECOLOGICAL snowkiting will allow you to explore wild and pristine places, far away from crowdy long queue for the ski lift.



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