Others activities in case there is no wind.

We have choosen this location because the average of the windy days is very high. Although it could happens that Aeolus (god of wind) doesn’t turn up, or also that the weather conditions are not safe to run the lessons. In every of this cases, please don’t give up hope, because here we have got plenty of other fun and exciting activities for you!   Due to its beauty and predisposition, Vetan is a well renowned destination for the winter sports. Infact, every year is here that a lot of sport have their meeting place, like:

no wind-sci-di-fondo-vetan-snowkiting centre





On the other hand Vetan is very close to differents and famous ski resorts which:No wind -camminata- walks-vetan-Snowkiting centre


where you can spend a day skiing also if the wind does not look great !


Also tour into our natural reserves, s.p.a. thermae, discover traditional food of the county and a lot more are always a nice and pleasant treat for your holiday!no wind -backcountry Vetan - snowkiting centre