The SNOWKITING CENTRE is the snowkite SCHOOL you have always been looking forward to finding is ready to open this coming Winter in the Alps!

The SNOWKITING CENTRE is located in “VETAN”, near Aosta (AO), in one of the most beautiful Italian snowkite destinations. Surrounded by amazing white mountains and a breathtaking view, you will be able to learn how to snowkite safely. And what’s more? You will have fun doing it!

Your kite will soon become your personal ski-lift, completely free of charge and 100% green! Getting pulled by a kite, just using the power of the wind, you will be able to go uphill, downhill and on the plain experiencing a very exciting sense of freedom.

Snowkiting is the winter version of the very popular kitesurfing. The technique, the movement and the strength in controlling the flying kite are the same. This is the reason why this sport can be considered as a very good training if you like the idea of surfing beneath the waves being pulled by a kite, when the summer comes.

The Snowkiting Centre is a young and new project, it was born is the summer 2014 aming to be ready for the 14/15 winter season. Our aim is to spread this sport making it achievable and affordable for everyone. Adrenaline, fun, dynamic and green snowkiting will be for you a remarkable experience!

You cannot fly with snowkiting although you might have seen video of people doing massive jumps. Well, they are pro riders with years and years of experience. They are used to push the sport to the extreme performing crazy jumps and tricks

This sport is fit for ANYONE who can ski or snowboard !

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